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We're currently searching for these vintage motherboard manuals.
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Model#: CH-890C Layout

Model: CH-890C Rev 2.1
Manufacturer: Chicony
Bios Id: 51-B000-001116-01111111-101094-UMC8890B-H
Bios Type: on sticker AMIBIOS (c)
Bios Year: 1993 Pentium CPU PCI ISA BIOS 841621
Chipset: UMC UM8886F + UM8891BF + UM8892BF
CPU: Pentium 75MHz
CPU Socket: 5
Multi I/O: ?
CACHE: 8+1 slots ? (512KB installed)
72pin Simms: 4 slots
30pin Simms: 0
On riser - 32bit PCI: 2
32bit VLB: 0
On riser - 16bit ISA: 3
8bit XT: 0
Jumpers Near Cpu And Additional Details:
All expansion slots are located on a riser card
labeled with: 001-0880G-002, PCI-002B REV 1.0
JP2 controls CMOS Clear, JP4-JP6 control CPU CLK,
JP7-JP8 control cache size.
JP9-JP10 located near CPU, 5 more jumpers are
located near the CPU-socket but aren't numbered.

2-3: CLEAR

CPU CLK | JP6 | JP5 | JP4
66 MHz  | 2-3 | 1-2 | 2-3
60 MHz  | 1-2 | 2-3 | 1-2
50 MHz  | 1-2 | 1-2 | 2-3
40 MHz  | 2-3 | 2-3 | 1-2
33 MHz  | 2-3 | 2-3 | 2-3
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Model#: ADGW2 Layout

Model: ADGW2
Manufacturer: Asian Digital
Bios Id: ??????
Bios Type: 1995 AMI WIN BIOS
Chipset: ASIC tip/chip ADC004 033 9536w2001
CPU Socket: 3
CPU: Intel / AMD / Cyrix / TI / UMC
80486SX / 80486DX / 80486DX2 / U5S / P24T
Voltages: 3.3V, 3.45V, 3.6V, 4V, 5V
CACHE: 4 + 1 tag slots
72pin Simms: 2 slots
30pin Simms: 4 slots
32bit PCI: 2
32bit VLB: 0
16bit ISA: 4
8bit XT: 0

Super small-sized motherboard of the Hong Kong
motherboard manufacturer and Asian Digital corp
Production of 1995 year 37 week.
The  motherboard of 1/2 Baby-AT size,
vertical 230mm x side 170mm.
* As for tip/chip set the constitution
only 208 Pin ASIC 1.  Also the keyboard BIOS
is built in to this tip/chip.
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We're currently in need of the following hardware,
Pentium motherboards are always welcome.

Items Wanted Photo
WebHQ is in need of these items to enable testing donated Pentium motherboards.

Please send us your unwanted
128, 256, 512MB
PC100 PC133
PC2100 PC2700 PC3200 SDRAM memory for testing our pentium boards on the bench. Our supply of SDRAM is low making it difficult to test and build pentium systems.
Please contact us directly if you can help.

We are always in need of any and all CPUs. Our current wish list includes all Pentium Intel & AMD cpu's P3 P4, Duron, Athlon & slot1 500-1000mhz or higher.

If you have any of these cpus gathering dust send them our way to be recycled into functional systems for the local community.

INTEL cpu's :
P3 - 500mhz slot1
P3 - 600mhz slot1
P3 - 933mhz slot1
P3 - 1000mhz socket370 PPGA
P4 - 1.7GHz to 2.8GHz socket478
AMD cpu's :
AMD Duron D700AUT1B 700MHz Ceramic FCPGA-469
AMD Duron D950AUT1B 950MHz
AMD Duron DHD1300AMT1B 1300MHz
AMD Athlon A1000AMT3C 1000MHz Ceramic FCPGA-469
AMD Athlon A1333AMS3C 1333MHz

Please contact us directly if you can help.

Thank you for your support

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